I’m nowhere near an expert on Krav Maga but I do like how this video addressed a pretty interesting aspect of self-defense: TARGET AREAS.

I think that when, for example, someone is grabbed around the waist and hoisted up or back, the natural human instinct is to grab the attacker’s fingers and try to release ourselves.
It’s the same with the grabbing of the hair. The brain knows that it hurts and that we’re in trouble and so our immediate plan is to try and free ourselves from whatever is holding us

The aim is to retrain your brain…which so many martial arts do. Don’t react to the pain and don’t react to the specific attack (unless blocking or defending in some way). Instead, react with neutralizing the attacker in mind.
Freeing hi/her fingers still leaves them open for other attacks. Pulverizing a nose, breaking a knee, smashing the genitals, gouging an eye, striking the throat…all these things will put someone down or at least knock someone back enough for you to put distance between yourself and the attacker.
As humans we attack with what we feel are our strongest offensive moves. Grabs, punches etc. So, when attempting to break a grab, we’re trying to break something we know is powerful. We know attackers use it because it works.
Instead, go for those points we know are weak. Bones, muscles, exposed vitals etc. All that good stuff.